Course and Self Reflections

Part 1

This class (541) has really improved my understanding of how to specifically implement a variety of technologies into the classroom.  What I really appreciated was the all-encompassing aspect of how technology could assist a teacher. Before this course, I thought of technology integration as a student centered component of the classroom.  I thought it was all about providing students with the opportunities to do projects using computers or the Internet.  Now I see that it is also includes tools for the teacher to plan, collaborate, grade, and assess students as well.

I follow the Constructivist theory.  I believe that scaffolding tasks is essential.  I believe that every student is different and there is not a single model that can serve all students. I believe that students learn best when they learn from each other.  For all these reasons, I know that this educational theory fits my teaching style best and that technology really aids this model of teaching.

I have thought a lot about the concept of relative advantage, and making sure that the use of technology in the classroom is really the most beneficial to the teachers, students, and the school (i.e. cost and implementation). I do believe that in the past I used technology for the sake of using technology, without clearly thinking about its relative advantage to the classroom or curriculum.  Because of this, I think I wasted curriculum time that would have been better spent utilizing other technologies or choosing a more traditional paper and pencil activity instead.

Every week was a like a personal professional development workshop.  I learned so much about different applications (Prezi, Glogster, Google Docs, website creation, document sharing) that I immediately began implementing into my classroom and sharing with other teachers and colleagues.  I found this aspect of the course the most rewarding, because it is was so practical and relevant to the classroom.

Part 2

Content – (70)Outstanding – I feel that I met the requirements for Outstanding because I always made sure my posts were on topic, connected to real life teaching, and provided details and discussion that provoked thought and reflection in others.

Readings and Resources – (20)Outstanding – I feel like this was probably my best category.  I worked very diligently to scour the assigned text for relevant and pertinent insights to connect our weekly readings and assignments to my blog entries.  I also did extensive research online and made a consistent effort to utilize outside sources to add extra information and examples to my blog entries.

Timeline – (15)Proficient- I do not feel that I met this category at the Outstanding level.  Even though on average I submitted earlier than the majority of the class, my posts were not always posted early in the week.  I often did not get posts up until the weekend, which only left a few days for others to review.

Response to Others –  (25)Proficient+ – Though I usually responded to at least 2 other posts per week, I know that there were a few occasions when I did not meet this standard.